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Dr. Rodolfo R. Biekofsky, CEO & Founder
Dr. Susana G. Kalko, Scientific Director & Founder ORCID iD :0000-0002-6701-0233

MOEBIUS RESEARCH uses high-throughput Omics technologies data for the systematic study of the different classes of biomolecules present in a biological specimen -nucleic acids, proteins, metabolites- in order to investigate dynamic molecular processes that drive core cell functions in physiological and pathophysiological cases.

MOEBIUS RESEARCH is experienced in multi-Omics analysis of various different diseases as diverse as Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Malaria, Pulmonary, and Neuromuscular diseases.

MOEBIUS RESEARCH uses Systems Biology, an emerging field aimed at analysing and integrating multi-Omics data sets for creating working models for entire biological systems. Collaborates in the Disease Maps Project, investigating 1) the canonical description of diseases, based on pathways and networks; 2) the phenomenon of comorbidity, which refers to multiple diseases in a single patient.

MOEBIUS RESEARCH is developing computational approaches for DRUG REPOSITIONING, a popular strategy in recent years. Different from traditional drug development strategies, the strategy is efficient, economical and riskless.